Chapter 12 - Last wave of resistance

197 Sad angel 03 2016  “I love you”, I say and go with one step through Elara’s border of light. I feel safe, like I have been put under Elara’s wings. I feel like a baby, unable to breathe by myself. But there is no need to breathe on my own. Elara’s lungs breathe for both of us.  198 The baby inside 03 2016  Once again I am at a Holotropic Breathwork module. I am lying on the mat. Elara is next to me. This time it is not an inner experience but the real Elara who is with me. I feel deep inside my body.  199 Abuse - between fight and fall 03 2016  There is this fear again, this fighting for survival inside my body. I feel the experience of violence and abuse coming nearer. I follow these body feelings. I feel overwhelmed. I am too exhausted. I cannot go on.  200 A shamanic perspective 03 2016  My body starts singing. I feel that there is a deep connection between these two options. The experience of abuse and the singing. I sing about the pain. And my voice has a great healing power which seems to fill up the whole room.