Chapter 4 - Mum

001 HB session 03 2013  In my first Holotropic Breathwork session in Spain the world shifts. My deep trust issues and my baby trauma become visible.  002 HB session 03 2013  My next session is about sexual abuse.  003 HB session 03 2013  I want my body back! Elara asks me to be careful with myself. But with what? I am totally broken and there is nothing left to destroy. I can’t feel my body.  006 Time is running out 03 2013  I am afraid because the workshop will be over soon. I do not want to be alone with all my experiences. 
008 Loosing ground 03 2013  The energy is running out of my body as if I had a big wound and had lost a lot of blood. I have to lie down because I don’t have the strength to keep my body up. I cannot move anymore. I need help.  010 Goodbye 04 2013  Elara and I say goodbye. My hope is that one day we will see each other again.  014 Your voice 04 2013  While Elara gives me the last hug, she is singing a little melody for me. I trust her.  012 Holotropic family 04 2013  My holotropic family is a family I can feel and touch. There are people interested in me and that I am alive and that I survive. 
013 Lonely child 04 2013 b  At the camping-site I feel like a lonely child. But my hand puppet Ladra is with me.  009 Feeling choked 03 2013  Time is like a sawing blade. I am afraid because I still feel like a child and I have to return to Germany soon.